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Wake up your taste buds and satisfy them with our traditional Indian and Nepali food from Sherpa Grill 2 Indian Nepali Restaurant in Fort Collins, CO. All of our menus are inspired by Indian and Nepali cuisine and have been created by our chef after studying authentic Indian and Nepali cuisine. Not only do we have traditional Indian dishes, but we also have a variety of tasty and handcrafted Nepali dishes and refreshing drinks. Come dine with us and experience authentic Indian and Nepali cuisine in Fort Collins, CO in an intimate dining space.

Sherpa Grill 2 Indian Nepali Restaurant in Fort Collins, CO specializes in traditional Indian and Nepali cuisine, featuring fresh ingredients,traditional Indian spices, and vegetables prepared by the culinary team. Every dish is prepared with love and 100% dedication to satisfy your taste buds. It is a comfortable and excellent restaurant, offering everything you love about Indian and Nepali cuisine. Here you will get the best Indian food in Fort Collins, CO that will give you an irresistible Indian flavor and an amazing taste. Are you a dessert lover? Why would you come and get our delicious desserts? We've got a variety of desserts that fully satisfy your sweet cravings. Order them online.

Savor a traditional Indian flavor at Sherpa Grill 2 Indian Nepali Restaurant in Fort Collins, CO.
Whether you’re in the mood for something spicy or sweet, we’ve got a huge range of authentic Indian and Nepali cuisine available on our menu. We’re excited to bring something new to our community and can’t wait to share our unique dishes with you. Dine with us at the best Indian restaurant in Fort Collins, CO and enjoy the lavish atmosphere. Kerbside pickup and no-contact delivery services are also available. Visit us today!
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Sherpa Grill 2 Indian Nepali Restaurant in Fort Collins, CO, combines Indian and Nepali flavors. We’re inspired by India and Nepal's traditional dishes and offer you the chance to taste Nepali and Indian cuisine at an affordable price in a nice ambience. These cuisines have distinct flavors and essences that enrich your experience. We specialize in the best Indian and Nepali food in Fort Collins, CO. We use spices such as garlic, ginger, onion, coriander, cumin, turmeric, and chili, which are commonly used across Nepal. Enjoy our tasty appetizers, delicious tandoori kabobs, healthy salads, incredible fried rice dishes, etc. Feel free to indulge in our Sherpa beer and Indian beer with our fantastic and unique Indian and Nepali cuisine. Cheers!

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